Specification Est

Specification Est for contracting is a National Foundation
specialized in the architectural and structural contracting
Experts in the field of concrete buildings and interior finishes

Why Specification Est?

Why to depend on us

Specification Est is considered one of the national foundations that’s specialized in the architectural and structural contracting and depends on a precise system to develop performance ,adopts advanced executive methods to shorten tasks` time by using the best working hands and the most efficient engineers and technical workers and we coordinate with the national authorized factories.

A National Foundation

Specification Est is one of the national foundations that’s specialized in the architectural and structural contracting with a precise system to develop performance .

Safety and security first

Specification Est concentrates on the safety and security side to stop accidents and injuries or to minimize and lower them to the minimum .

Links with the national factories

Engineering competencies and human abilities in cooperation with the national authorized factories .

International experts and experiences

Expert designing engineers and technicians in the interior finishes with global experiences and seen achievements.

Skillful technicians and workers

We got the best technicians and workers in all the fields of building and contracting.

Responsibility and commitment

Committed to finish tasks on time, accurately with high quality and global standard .

Our Vision

To be the specifications of one of the competent institutions and leading in the field of contracting and to contribute specifications in turn to develop the construction sector

Our Mission

To contribute to the reconstruction of the earth by using the latest technical techniques and the fastest methods of mission execution as well as protecting our environment and keeping work values.

Our core values that we are proud of


We believe that, to be truly successful in business, We must always be honest.


We are committed to our words and promises ,whatever the cost is .


Trustiness in dealing inside and outside our foundation is one of our unchangeable values.


We have our high criteria that we never leave.


Workers safety during and after missions is a great responsibility on our shoulders and we pay a great

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a core goal and a value that we believe in and strive to achieve.

Scope of business and services

Specification Est's scope services


Civil works

We have a brilliant experience in the civil works ,concrete structures ,mineral structures, waterproofing and thermal insulation , building and plastering.


The Architectural finishes

We are experts in the different works of architectural finishes including paintings, ceilings, floors, carpentry and iron works.


Electromechanical works

Specification Est for construction and contracting has a great experience in the fields of networks ,security and alarm systems, air conditioning systems, and plumping systems

What Clients Say about Mowsafat

An example of the certificates and opinions of customers in the institution of the specifications of one of the national institutions for construction and architectural projects and depends on a precise mechanism for the development of performance and adopt advanced methods of time-limited through the experience and competencies of engineering and human potential of workers, technicians and engineers experts, and the coordination and cooperation with national factories and approved At the concerned authorities.