Press Release about Specifications Est

Welcome to our first experimental article

Specification Est is considered one of the national foundations that’s specialized in the architectural and structural contracting and depends on a precise system to develop performance ,adopts advanced executive methods to shorten tasks` time by using the best working hands and the most efficient engineers and technical workers and we coordinate with the national authorized factories.

Our most important values, which we are proud of and work with are honesty – honesty in dealing inside and outside the foundation. We are entrusted to finish our tasks internal and external honestly .
Commitment – commitment ,we are committed to our promises and words whatever the cost is .Quality – Quality , we have our special and high standard quality that we always follow. Safety – safety of our workers is our priority and concern. Client Satisfaction –satisfaction of our clients is our main aim that we aspire to achieve .

The Foundation is managed by specialized technical experts with brilliant experience in the field of concrete construction and interior finishes including managers and engineers with international expertise as well as technicians and skilled workers in all fields. The Foundation depends on the method of self-implementation and the belief in responsibility and commitment to carry out the work on time and at a high quality.

Good reputation, safety and individual security are our top priorities.

The Foundation is also proud of the reputation it has acquired from both customers and suppliers and this relationship is considered the main supporter of the Foundation’s continued progress. The Foundation focuses on security and safety because the individual is the most valuable and the most expensive property we have. Therefore, the Foundation adopts a special system of safety and security that guarantees the prevention and minimization of accidents and injuries. Specifications Est is proud of its values and morals taking honesty as a way to walk through.