Commercial Projects

Commercial Projects

Commercial Projects

Commercial Projects
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The world of trade and industry is witnessing an accelerated race that reinforces the thinking of many businessmen to invest their money in several commercial projects to generate income and profits, as well as to contribute a range of benefits to society within the scope of each project. In general the commercial projects need a specific and main idea , good planning and organizing , accurate studies, and understanding the working environment in which the project will operate. The projects are based on designs, models and means of production that help to achieve specific goals in advance. The project represents an investment process that includes several activities that are integrated together and applied during a certain period of time. It is also a mean and tool of improving the societies, whether its nature is service or profitability, As most projects are keen to implement a philosophy based on the full development of enterprises and individuals


Establishment of Al-Hamra Commercial Center in Jeddah in cooperation with Saudi Brothers Company
Developing an entertainment center in Jeddah in cooperation with Nujood Development and Contracting Company
Development of Al Fardan Jewelery Showroom in Riyadh


General construction works
Architectural works
Mechanical works
Electricity works
Renovation works
finishing works
Dropped Ceilings
Restaurant and park facilities
Iron works
Air Conditioning Works

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