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Saudi Automotive Services Co “SASCO” is a Saudi public shareholding company. It has been established by the ministerial decree No. 563 dated 23/12/1402H corresponding to 10/12/1982. SASCO’s activities are represented in car service centers, a number of motels, restaurants, fuel transportation, the import and sale of equipment, as well as the provision of beverages supplied using modern and well-maintained equipment.

The company also imports and sells raw materials for construction and operation, purchases and leases real estate, and operates an automobile association to issue international driving licenses and the Customs Transit (Triptik) books. SASCO’s capital is SR 600,000,000 (fully paid) divided into 60,000,000 shares, with a face value of 10 Saudi Riyals per share.


Development of SASCO -6- Abu Bakr Al Siddiq Road in Riyadh
Development of Sasco -48- station in Al-Kharj Road
Development of Zaiti -4- plant in Al-Kharj
Development of SASCO TakasiseStation in Riyadh
Development of exit 15 in Riyadh Sasco Station
Development of Thumama Station Airport Road
Development of Sasco Dabab station


Concrete works for concrete plants
Construction of iron for the roof of car umbrella
Installation of fuel tanks of diesel and gasoline
Installation of equipment for determining the level of fuel in tanks
Installation of fuel pumps and operation of control system
Installation of pumps on the ground tanks
Installation of Interlock, Asphalt and Floor Concretes
Installation of cladding facades against fire
Glass and stainless steel works
Installation of all types of flooring
Installation of fire alarm systems
Installation of anti-theft devices and surveillance cameras

Pictures of our projects with Sasco